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Mathew Lamont

Hometown: Dungannon

Living now:  Southampton

Disciplines: Mostly surf kayaking, but I also do quite a bit of whitewater and freestyle kayaking

What's your story?

I got into paddling when I was 11 years old, myself and my dad getting a boat each. We joined a local club where I started whitewater kayaking. After doing this for a while, I joined the development squad for surf kayaking in Northern Ireland. From here it was onwards and upwards, spending a lot of weekends with a bunch of other kids surf kayaking. I’ve now competed in 3 world championships and with this, I’ve had the chance to travel to some great locations.

I love the freedom of being out on the sea, combined with the excitement of surfing great waves. For me, there’s nothing better that taking a fantastic wave, surfing your guts out on it and popping off at the end of the wave, heart pumping as you head back out for another.

Major highlights are probably the first time I won a British open and an Irish open title, but going back to back at the last two British opens is also up there. I’ve also travelled to Santa Cruz California, coming third in the paddlefest there, one of the best competitions I’ve ever been to

I’m now in my third year of university, where I’ve taken whitewater and freestyle kayaking back up, spending a lot of weekends being driven to rivers all over the UK. The best part about this is definitely getting to spend time on the water with my friends.

Quick facts:

Favourite food: Anything with lots of garlic

Favourite drink: Water

Favourite music: I don’t think I can decide, it’ll probably be something else tomorrow

Ultimate paddling destination: Warm with big waves, probably Indonesia

Advice to newcomers: Make sure you’re having fun

Favourite Peak UK kit:  The Semi ST without a doubt, the slim profile is perfect for surfing, letting you get really close to the wave. I love having the ability to have different colours on them too

Favourite Kit:

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