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Marc Niesen

Best known as: Marc the Shark

Hometown: Saarbrücken

Living now: Augsburg, Germany

Discipline: Whitewater

Class: K1

Current boats: Waka Steeze for the win!

Shaft of choice: Kober Rebell in 206cm, straight

Big volume or tight and technical: depends, but would say big volume (big waves mean big kick flips)  

Favourite paddling spot: Norway, Sjoa because Sjoa just means good times, good whitewater and just hanging around

Why should you be on the Peak PS team:  I love to represent such a unique brand, since I got my first top deck of Peak PS, I felt in love! Just a wish since I started kayaking, because peak was always a big name for me, all of my role models wore it, Joe Morley, Jess Fox.

What can you bring to the party:  The best drinks for sure and a good playlist with all of the banger songs

How did you get into paddling:  My parents got me there in the summer holidays back in 2010 and then I got stuck somehow, so happy the took me there

Achievements: -2. Place at the German championships in Extreme Slalom 2018 -12. place at the world championship in extreme slalom 2018 -beeing able to have the best time out on the water with good friends!

What's next... ambitions / plans: Saint du doubs, a dream waterfall on the swiss/ France border

Do you have any paddlesport qualification: -trainer license for slalom kayaking

Best things about paddling: combining sports with having a good time on and of the water and being able to push your limits as hard as possible or just having a good time on an easy class 3 river

Best boating moment: summer 2021 in Norway, no water anywhere and then, rauma just hit 5o cubics and we went straight over and had 2 awesome runs on the lower!  

Worst boating moment: running the homerun in Norway (Mar) at like 60 cubics and getting completely f*cked up.

Any other Hobbies: Roadbiking, climbing and buying a new sh!tty car every half year…haha

Ultimate worldwide destination: Chile, never been there but i´d love to spend the next winter over there

Favourite Stuff Section: gadgets

Food:  pizza for sure!

Drink: Aperoul Sour, come partying, I will mix you the best one!

Piece of Peak PS kit:  Custom top deck, river vest and thermal rashy shirt

Favourite Kit:

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