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Aaron Emms

Discipline: With a large stick alternatively white water and polo

Class: 1994

Hometown: Birmingham

Living now: Wirksworth, gem of the Peak

Current boats: P&H Revenge Polo

Shaft of choice: Bent 'n big or straight 'n long: I take it in any form

Big volume or steep creek: Big Volume in the morning sponsored by Estee Lauder

Favourite paddling spot: Norway

Achievements: Waking up each morning without a hangover

What's next... ambitions / plans: To take over the racing world of windsurfing

Best things about paddling: Trips with like minded and generally good people

Best boating moment: The Bitches in an old school play boat

Other hobbies: Windsurfing, wakeboarding and MTB

Ultimate worldwide destination: Chile

Favourite food: Grapes preferably red and in liquid form

Favourite drink: Water mixed with grapes

Favourite music: Right now rockabilly, country punk and bluegrass but dnb, ska punk, old rnb and reggae are still on the playlist.