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Adam Burgess

Best Known As: Burge

Hometown: Stone, Staffordshire.

Living now: In the moment.

Discipline: Canoe Slalom

Class: C1m

Current boats: Vajda Hype

Shaft Of Choice: Galasport Sidi

Big volume or tight and technical: Tight and technical 

Favourite paddling spot: River Trent in Stone where it all began

Why should you be on the Peak PS team? Live and breathe this sport. Fitting to be doing it in the best kit out there.

What can you bring to the party?: Always game to lead people through their fist ice bath experience or offer some breathing advice. (I also make a banging coffee)

How did you get into paddling?: Started with Stafford and Stone Canoe Club through a school link. Fell in love with it immediately and soon dropped most other pursuits to spend more time on the water. 

Achievements: Olympic Games 2020: 4th. U23 World Champion, 3x World Championships finalist. Vice-European Champion 2018. U23 World Champion 2015

What's your paddling goals for 2022?: Become World Champion in my backyard and qualify for Paris 2024.

Best things about paddling: Using the power of the water. No better feeling than having the boat in the right place and finding that grip with the paddle. It feels like flying.

Best boating moment: My coach (Craig Morris) calls it ‘sticky learning’. When we can’t quite get something and then suddenly eventually it clicks. Those are the best moments.

Worst boating moment: 2013/2014. Spent some time out with injured and it took me a long time to get back to where I was.

Other Hobbies: Climbing, yoga, travel, biohacking.

Ultimate worldwide destination: Anywhere with the right company (especially if it’s hot and by the sea)

Food: Pizza

Drink: Coffee! (of course!)

Music: Anything that reminds me of the beach

Movie: Step Brothers

Read: The Alchemist

Piece of Peak PS Kit: Winter ST! An absolute lifesaver during winter months!

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